Jobs and the Economy

As your County Commissioner, I will work hard in partnering with local businesses to bring high-wage jobs to New Hanover County and to maintain and grow the businesses already thriving in our community.


Our landscape, community demographics, and local college and university system make New Hanover County an attractive place for corporate investment. Our coastal communities thrive on tourism revenue. Of the top 10 NC tourist attractions as rated by 2 of them are right here in New Hanover (The Battleship and the Fort Fisher Aquarium). As your Commissioner, I will partner with other city Councils and Commissioners from across North Carolina in asking that the NC department of Commerce aggressively expand their efforts to bring more tourism to the state and our region. I will also work closely with town councils and local businesses to help make county government an effective, pro-business partner.

Film Incentives

For years the Film industry has been a cornerstone of the economy in New Hanover County. The 2014 decision to allow the film incentives to expire was partisan politics at its worst. The resulting damaging for our county has been severe and goes far beyond simple dollars and cents. Unless and until the film incentives are re-instated New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington risk losing their invaluable reputation as a leader in the film industry. As your County Commissioner, I promise to fight every single day to restore the original film incentive program. However this is not our fight alone and I will work to enlist the help of like minded local leaders across North Carolina in the public and private sectors, as well as like minded citizens, to aggressively lobby the General Assembly.

Incentives to Attract New Businesses

Competing in the global marketplace in the 21st century means incentives. We have to face reality. With so many attractive communities vying for businesses direct incentives are a fact. As your county commissioner, I will support an aggressive performance based incentive program to attract new and desirable businesses to our County. When good, high paying jobs move into New Hanover County, the positive benefits extend throughout the community. Making sure our citizens have a diverse and competitive local economy will be my top priority as your commissioner and performance based incentives are a tool I will employ to help accomplish that objective.