Part of attracting new commerce to our community is by providing businesses with an educated and highly qualified workforce. Part of our obligation to each other is making sure that every single child has the same opportunities to succeed. This starts with a top quality public education. As a father of two children, who both attend public school in the county, and a member of the PTA, I am well aware of the many problems facing our students and teachers. The state rankings for our schools are mostly average. We owe it to our New Hanover County teachers and students aim higher than average and set ourselves apart as a proud example for all of North Carolina. Building new schools and facilities is only part of the solution; we need to make a substantial investment in updating our current classrooms and empowering our current teachers, assistants, and faculty so that they have the tools and resources necessary to enhance our education system from within.

As County Commissioner I will work hard in conjunction with our Board of Education to ensure that our community is focused on helping New Hanover teachers have the resources for success!

Cape Fear Community College

Cape Fear Community College is an incredible asset to our community, attracting students from all across the southeastern United States. Cape Fear has routinely partnered with local businesses to develop programs that will provide prospective employees with the type of skills that employers are working for. As a county commissioner and college instructor, I will work with Cape Fear to expand and build upon these programs as new businesses move into the community.