The Environment

North Carolina is the 6th most visited state in the Union in terms of tourism. Our beaches don’t just enhance our quality of life; they are a national treasure. In 2014, the state saw 21.3 billion dollars in tourism revenues. And since beaches are such a shared benefit, I firmly believe that they are also a shared responsibility. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our coastal communities are provided with the funding they need for beach re-nourishment and sustainability projects. This should be an area of federal, state, local, and municipal cooperation. These treasures belong to everyone and attract people from all over the world. We all have an obligation in making sure future generations can enjoy them as we have.

In the 21st century every single community should be doing its part to lessen the effects of global climate change. As a coastal community we are at a more immediate risk from inaction than much of the rest of the country. To that end, we need to be innovative in encouraging businesses, and citizens to act on their own to reduce their carbon footprint and we, as a county government, must act responsibly where we can. We do not need to wait for a law to tell us to do the right thing. We only have one home.

New Hanover County needs to develop a recycling program for its unincorporated areas. In 2016 there is simply no excuse for this not having been done already.